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A place where you can be honest and accepted GLADS

Open 7:30pm each Wednesday night

Gay and Lesbian Alcohol and Drug Support Group

A place where you can be honest and accepted

Recovery is possible.

GLADS is a self help group like AA/NA but it has one step, not 12.  The only step is come and be honest for yourself….and we just make it safe so you can be honest.  That honesty means, you set your own pace, make your own decisions and work out your own limits…whether that be one drink, two drinks etc or zero drinks (or drugs).  We don’t advocate controlled drinking (or drugs) or abstinence, we advocate being honest for yourself and regaining a sense of worth instead of guilt, self hate or self sabotage.

GLADS (Gay and Lesbian Alcohol and Drug Support Group) started in 1991.  Drugs and alcohol use is a part of the wider community and play a role in the Gay and Lesbian sub culture also.  It follows that some people will develop a dependence on alcohol and drugs some time in their life.  The emotional stress of modern Gay life, relationships, work and just keeping it all together can be very hard to cope with alone.  GLADS was formed out of a need within the community for support in these areas, helping us to develop pride in ourselves and to manage our lives.

GLADS is for

  • gays
  • lesbians
  • all genders and sexual identities
  • alcohol problems
  • drug problems
  • being honest for yourself
  • being respected and supported
  • making changes you want
  • setting your own limits
  • talking and listening
  • not being pressured or judged
  • confidentiality
  • relief
Glads for me has been a safe, accepting, nonjudgmental, space. Hearing and sharing stories of others is a relief knowing I am not alone, I always walk away from meetings feeling there is hope, all who attend feel safe to be honest with whatever issues are causing them pain. I first attended meetings for my own addictions and now go for support in dealing the loss of relationship & connection with my son. Glads is just one of the positive tools I use keep myself grounded, I am grateful that glads is there for me whenever I need it.
I have been attending GLADS for well over a year and in that time the group has allowed me to empower myself by having a like-minded group who warm heartedly listens to me without judgement or prejudice. GLADS is one of those rare groups where I found I can be 100% honest which allows beautiful discussions where I can relate to others through their experiences and others can relate to me through my own experience creating an environment that builds an atmosphere of unconditional love and safety. I truly am only limited by my own mind and not by the expectations or perception of others. GLADS reminds me that when I dig beneath the surface that we really do live in a beautiful world.
“Growing up in my family was non-supportive. I craved attention and felt shy lonely and unloved. I didn’t fit in anywhere. I knew I was gay but had to hide my true feelings. All I wanted was acceptance. I used alcohol and drugs and my relationships to make myself feel good. Eventually things got out of control. I was addicted and felt even worse. Now that I’m sober I can be myself. I have hope today and am learning to express how I honestly feel. The group gives me support and acceptance. I no longer feel alone. Life is getting better all the time.”
“The thing that impresses me most about GLADS is that it is a group of down to earth, honest individuals. There is no crap. I used to kid myself that I couldn’t be an alcoholic. I was a successful professional with a car, house, job etc., but the longer I attended meetings, the more I realised that although we may have travelled different paths, we all arrived at the same place… a realisation that alcohol was a destructive force in our lives. The honest and accepting environment of GLADS helped me to not only accept my alcoholism, but I have also accepted my sexuality. Once the fog of grog cleared, many aspects of my life fell into place and every day in every way it gets better and better.”
“I found GLADS to be very helpful in getting my emotional side and general attitudes to living straightened out. For years I drank to excess, popped pills and generally tried to escape from gender dysphoria. Eventually I came out with the assistance of surgery and finally could live my life as a lesbian and with the help of GLADS I am learning how to live and enjoy life free from alcohol and drugs and be more open of my sexuality regardless of my peers who regard me as rather strange, but GLADS accept me as I am.”

Meetings alternate weekly

  • identification meetings ( sharing stories ).
  • issues meetings ( personal growth and resolution ).


GLADS meets

7:30pm Wednesdays


52 Newmarket Road

Windsor  QLD  4030

Ph: 3857 1222

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